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Metrologic focus ms1690 инструкция

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ms1690 инструкция focus metrologic

Инструкция драйвера мтс коннект под windows 7 для модема adu a Innenleben von einem barcode-scanner metrologic focus ms 2d-code bzw, focus технология моментального считывания firstflash дает быстрое и точное. Reads poorly printed or damaged barcodes.

Reads 1D and 2D and has. No part of this work may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in any form or by any means without prior written consent, except by reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review, or provided for in the Copyright Act of Composite, Matrix and Postal Codes symbology types. Firmware updates are easily loaded via Flash ROM.

инструкция metrologic focus ms1690

The following figure gives an example of the label and its location. Connect AC power to the transformer.

focus ms1690 инструкция metrologic

Focus will start to initialize. All LEDs yellow, white, and blue will light for approximately 2 seconds then start to alternately flash.

When the scanner has finished initializing the LEDs will stop flashing and the unit will beep 3 times indicating that the scanner is ready for use.


Stand Alone Keyboard Ms Plugging the scanner into a port on the host system does not guarantee that scanned information will be communicated properly to the host system. The scanner is shipped from the factory configured with default settings.

MLPN Plugging the scanner into a port on the host device does not guarantee that scanned information will be communicated properly to the host device. Stand Components Item Description Qty. The following figure provides the pilot hole dimensions for securing the stand base.

When the scanner successfully reads a bar code it will beep once and the white LED will turn on indicating data is being transmitted.

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If the scanner does not beep once and the white light does not turn on, then the bar code has not been successfully read. If the scanner does not respond after reprogramming, return the scanner for repair. IR Activation Area Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ms1690 инструкция focus metrologic

Troubleshooting Guide, Configuration Modes. Contact a Metrologic representative at ID-Metro or to preserve the limited warranty terms. Verify The configuration is correct country code and data not set correctly.

Everything These characters works except for. Depth of Scan Field: Every interface does not support every parameter. One can not be used in conjunction with the other. This mode gives the end-user the ability to send a series of commands using the serial port of the host system.

The commands are equivalent to the numerical values of the bar codes located in the MetroSelect Single-Line Configuration Guide The user can follow the progress of the upgrade by watching the screen for details.

According to the termination required, connect the appropriate end of the adapter cable to the PowerLink cable, leaving the necessary termination exposed for connecting to the keyboard and the keyboard port on the PC. Federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to their production and labeling.

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This warranty is limited to repair, replacement of product or refund of product price at the sole discretion of Metrologic. Faulty equipment must be returned to one of the following Metrologic repair facilities: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

Never attempt to look at the LED beam, even if the scanner appears to be nonfunctional. Never open the scanner in an attempt to look into the device. Doing so could result in hazardous radiation exposure.

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