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The engines used in the Mark II were often shared with the Corona. At the same time, the larger 1. A four-speed manual with a floor-mounted lever was also available, as were two- or three-speed "Toyoglide" automatic transmissions, with the three-speed available with a floor-mounted shifter.

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The Corona was redesigned in August , with the low-mounted wraparound turn signals removed and a new grille. Another, milder yet restyle appeared in August , including new grilles and hubcaps. The Hardtop gained a two-litre engine at this time.

Four-cylinder engine choices were pushrod 1. Vans wagons were sold with 1.

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A performance oriented in-house competitor called the Toyota Carina , close in size to the Corona and based on the Toyota Celica platform, was introduced in It was available at a different dealership sales channel called Toyota Store. This generation of Corona was available at dealerships called Toyopet Store.

toyota схемы carina электропроводки

The Corona pick-up was no longer manufactured due to the introduction of the Hilux in Along with the August facelift, the Corona received the 2. The 7R-engined RT82 was short-lived in Japan, only being available between February and September , but in other markets it may have remained available until the introduction of the next Corona. Competition for sales continued from the Nissan Bluebird , and from a new competitor from the Mazda RX-2 in , with an introduction to the USA in NZ models initially had a 1.

After the first facelift new nose and tail, square instead of round instrument housings for , the 6R engine was again used. The facelift another new grille saw two models — 1. This version was badged SE.

carina toyota схемы электропроводки

Australian RT81s used the 1. Local content was much higher than the NZ cars with local instruments and heater which meant, surprisingly for the climate, there were no centre air vents. The facelift AMI assembled model with the revised grille was released in November , lasting to March Based on the Corona Hardtop SL, it showed many electronic innovations but was not put into production.

toyota carina электропроводки схемы

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