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Warning for Mac users: Quick Install Choose an appropriate distribution kit from the phpmyadmin. Some kits contain only the English messages, others contain all languages in UTF-8 format this should be fine in most situations , others contain all languages and all character sets.

на русском phpmyadmin инструкция

Untar or unzip the distribution be sure to unzip the subdirectories: Ensure that all the scripts have the appropriate owner if PHP is running in safe mode, having some scripts with an owner different from the owner of other scripts will be a problem. Now you must configure your installation.

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There are two methods that can be used. Traditionally, users have hand-edited a copy of config. To manually create the file, simply use your text editor to create the file config. If the default value is okay for a particular setting, there is no need to include it in config. Instead of manually editing config. First you must manually create a folder config in the phpMyAdmin directory.


This is a security measure. Note that changes are not saved to disk until explicitly choose Save from the Configuration area of the screen. Normally the script saves the new config. You can choose to review or edit the file with your favorite editor, if you prefer to set some advanced options which the setup script does not provide.

phpmyadmin на русском инструкция

Open the main phpMyAdmin directory in your browser. You should deny access to the. For Apache you can use supplied. Such configuration prevents from possible path exposure and cross side scripting vulnerabilities that might happen to be found in that code.

It is generally good idea to protect public phpMyAdmin installation against access by robots as they usually can not do anything good there.

You can do this using robots. You can find example. Those tables can be located in your own database, or in a central database for a multi-user installation this database would then be accessed by the controluser, so no other user should have rights to it.

Please look at your. If you are using a Windows server, pay special attention to FAQ 1. If you already had this infrastructure and upgraded to MySQL 4. You can use your phpMyAdmin to create the tables for you. Please be aware that you may need special administrator privileges to create the database and tables, and that the script may need some tuning, depending on the database name.

After having imported the.

русском инструкция phpmyadmin на

The directives used for that can be found in the Configuration section. You will also need to have a controluser with the proper rights to those tables see section Using authentication modes below. Upgrading from an older version Simply copy. If you have upgraded your MySQL server from a version previous to 4. Nevertheless be aware that MS Internet Explorer seems to be really buggy about cookies, at least till version 6.

HTTP and cookie authentication modes are more secure: However, keep in mind that the password travels in plain text, unless you are using the HTTPS protocol.

In cookie mode, the password is stored, encrypted with the blowfish algorithm, in a temporary cookie. You must specify the details for the controluser in the config. The following example assumes you want to use pma as the controluser and pmapass as the controlpass, but this is only an example: Then each of the true users should be granted a set of privileges on a set of particular databases.

Is supported with most PHP configurations. See also FAQ 4. Obviously, the user must enable cookies in the browser, but this is now a requirement for all authentication modes. With this mode, the user can truly log out of phpMyAdmin and log in back with the same username. As mentioned in the requirements section, having the mcrypt extension will speed up access considerably, but is not required.

The other application has to store login information into session data. Unlike cookie and http, does not require a user to log in when first loading the phpMyAdmin site. This is by design but could allow any user to access your installation. Use of some restriction method is suggested, perhaps a.

phpmyadmin на русском инструкция

Swekey authentication The Swekey is a low cost authentication USB key that can be used in web applications. Swekey Authentication is disabled by default. To enable it, add the following line to config. A self documented sample file is provided in the contrib directory. If you want to purchase a Swekey please visit http: Конфигурация Warning for Mac users: Almost all configurable data is placed in config.

If this file does not exist, please refer to the Quick install section to create one. You might also want to create config. Note also that the URL on some web servers are case—sensitive. Starting with version 2. In most cases phpMyAdmin automatically detects the proper setting.

Users of port forwarding will need to set PmaAbsoluteUri more info. A good test is to browse a table, edit a row and save it. There should be an error message if phpMyAdmin is having trouble auto—detecting the correct value.

Инструкция phpmyadmin на русском видео

If you get an error that this must be set or if the autodetect code fails to detect your path, please post a bug report on our bug tracker so we can improve the code. If you tried to set this up and it does not work for you, have a look on the "Structure" page of one database where you would like to use it. You will find a link that will analyze why those features have been disabled. If you do not want to use those features set this variable to TRUE to stop this message from appearing.

You can set this parameter to TRUE to stop this message from appearing. It will be used internally by the blowfish algorithm: There is no maximum length for this secret. Default is leave blank. If you use "localhost" as the hostname, MySQL ignores this port number and connects with the socket, so if you want to connect to a port different from the default port, use " Leave blank for default.

To determine the correct socket, check your MySQL configuration or, using the mysql command—line client, issue the status command. Among the resulting information displayed will be the socket used. The classic MySQL extension. This is the recommended and default method at this time. The improved MySQL extension. This extension became available with php 5. This account is used to check what databases the user will see at login. Please see the install section on "Using authentication modes" for more information.

на инструкция русском phpmyadmin

In phpMyAdmin versions before 2. Username and password are stored in cookies during the session and password is deleted when it ends. This is useful for implementing single signon from another application.

Sample way how to seed session is in signon example: You need to configure session name and signon URL to use this authentication method. Leave empty to deactivate this feature. This can be used together with http authentication, when authentication is done some other way and phpMyAdmin gets user name from auth and uses empty password for connecting to MySQL. Password login is still tried first, but as fallback, no password method is tried. This setting is an efficient way to lower the server load since the latter does not need to send MySQL requests to build the available database list.

But it does not replace the privileges rules of the MySQL database server. An example of using more that one database: This only hides them from listing, but a user is still able to access them using, for example, the SQL query area. To limit access, use the MySQL privilege system. If set, this string will be displayed instead of the hostname in the pull-down menu on the main page. This can be useful if you want to show only certain databases on your system, for example.

See the phpMyAdmin configuration storage section in this document to see the benefits of this feature, and for a quick way of creating this database and the needed tables.

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